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Air Rifle basic training course

This training course along with supporting material has been designed and produced by professional Air Rile shooters having won ‘Gold Medals’ at state and national level competitions.

Our 3 days training course (one and half hour each day) is aimed at everyone above the age of 8 and is interested to learn the shooting sport!

Shooting range is located on the outskirts of the beautiful Upavan lake in Thane

Our basic course will teach you :-

How to shoot the target each time
Fundamentals of Shooting that will shape up your shooting skills
Parts of Air rifles
Gun safety and safety rules and much more

Requirement :-

Adhar car
Photograph (passport size)

Training course will cover

Knowledge about Air Rifle shooting
Shooting organisations National and International
Various competitive shooting levels
Career in shooting
Knowledge about Rifles
Parts of rifle
Gun safety
Safety rules
Range rules
Fundamentals of shooting
Shooting technique
Shooting position
Tips on correct shooting
Shooting practise

Visit 10x Shooting India

Air Rifle and Air Pistol Shooting Range

10X Shooting India, Urban Sports, Upvan Lake Rd, Near Upvan Lake,
    Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra 400606

+91 98200 66760

Abhijit Purao

National ‘Gold Medallist’ in Air Rifle Shooting and ‘Bronze Medallist’

He is the founder and CEO of 10x Shooting India. Mr. Abhijit Purao had been the Maharashtra State Rifle Shooting champion and Gold medalist at the National Rifle Shooting champion in Air Rifle shooting.

Our aim is to ensure that our shooters achieve highest potential standards in shooting discipline. Some of our team members are senior coaches in the Indian Shooting squads and have been relentlessly training young talents who have achieved success in the International shooting events.

There is a great talent in India for shooting. Young Indian shooters have marked their footprints at all international events like - Olympics, World Shooting, Common Wealth, Asia Shooting and many more. We would like to see our shooters to win medals at National and International levels through systematic training programs!

10X Shooting India conducts courses in Air Rifle and Air Pistol shooting sport. Basic courses are recommended for beginners and enthusiast who want to learn shooting. Advance courses are the next level courses for serious shooters and the ones who are interested in participating in the State and National lavel competitions.

Abhijit Purao - CEO and Founder 10X Shooting India